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Christmas Market for Children




Dear children!

Strolling over the Christmas market in Velden, you will soon come across a lovely decorated place with lots of angels buzzling around. The weeks preceding the Christmas day are usually very stressful for the ‘Christkindl’ (the Austrian colleague of Santa Claus) and its ‘Angel Team’. A lot of work must be finished before Christmas. So, they appreciate every helping hand. Would you like to help them as well?

There are four different kinds of activities where you can support the angel. Go to the Angel Post Office and ask for a ’Velden Angel’ which you get for free. Okay? Then, let’s start. For each activity completed, you will get a sticker to put on your ‘Velden Angel’.

Are you fond of home-made cookies? Would you like to help the angels to cut out biscuits and to decorate gingerbread? Just follow the delicious scent of vanilla and gingerbread and you will soon find yourself in the Angel Bakery. The hustle and bustle of Angels and children alike is fascinating to watch. Take an apron and a rolling bin! Start rolling the dough and cutting out little stars, angels, trees or bells. While you biscuits are in the oven you could go and decorate some gingerbread. Don’t forget to take your delicious “works
of art” back home, to share with your mum and dad. And don’t forget to ask for your stickers (you get two different ones in Angel Bakery)
Opening hours of the ’Kinderadvent’ at the town hall:Friday from 3pm to 7pmSaturday, Sunday and December 8th from 1pm to 7 pm

ANGEL POST OFFICE (one sticker to collect)

Listen kids! The Angel Post Office is another very busy place at that time of the year. Do you have some urgent desires for presents you would love to get for Christmas? Then, you should quickly go to the Angel Post Office. Our diligent angels will help you to write a letter to the “Christkindl”. To make sure that your presents will be delivered in time, all letters will be attached to a balloon and sent to heaven ‘air mail’. At night, we add a sparkler to the balloon so that the balloon will find its way to heaven.

Opening hours of the ’Kinderadvent’ at the town hall:

Friday from 3pm to 7pm

Saturday, Sunday and December 8th from 1pm to 7 pm

ANGEL CRAFT ROOM (one sticker to collect)

Are you still looking for a hand-made Christmas present for someone you love?
At the Angel Craft Room, you will be in the right place. The air is filled with
the lovely scent of fir and honey. With the help of adults, you will be realizing
small pieces of art such as candles or Christmas decoration or wooden boxes. You
can be as creative as you like.

Opening hours of the Angel Craft Room at the ’Kinderadvent’ at the town hall:

Saturday, Sunday and December 8th from 2pm to 6 pm

As soon as you have collected all four stickers, go to the Angel Post Office. We have prepared a little surprise for you. We hand over your personal ‘Angel Pass’, signed by the ‘Christkindl’ and a button. From now on you are entitled to call yourself ‘Assistant of the Christkindl’.


We hope, you have enjoyed your stay at the Christmas market in Velden and we would like to thank you for your help! Merry Christmas”!